Speakers 2022!

Our 9th edition of DOKU.TECH is enriched with thought leaders from around the world and throughout the Balkans who will share experiences, trends, opinions and ideas. 

From social entrepreneurs to people holding companies and governments accountable, speakers at DOKU.TECH will highlight a diversity of experiences and opinions. Frequented by the heads of top-tier local and international companies, the premiant event for technology in the Balkans is back in 11 to 12 of JUNE 2022 with the theme “My face is not a Barcode” which will explore opportunities and threats of Artificial Intelligence and Data.

Here is the list of  keynote speakers:

Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño – Microsoft “AI for Earth” Program Director. Read more

Diana Gehlhaus – Research Fellow at the Center for Security and Emerging Technology at Georgetown University. Read more 

Henrik Chulu – Writer and Public speaker. Read more 

Julia Hoxha – Co-founder and CEO of Zana. Read more 

Krenar Komoni – CEO & Founder of Tive Inc. Read more 

Maja Bosnic – Public finance expert. Read more 

Rudradeb Mitra – Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Omdena Inc. Read more 

Sandhini Agarwal – AI Policy researcher at OpenAI. Read more 


Join us at Prishtina’s urban space, Termokiss, on 11 & 12 JUNE, 2022.

To participate, register on this LINK