DOKU.TECH 2018: Flip the Script!

DOKU.TECH 2018 | Flip the Script, otherwise the fifth edition, was held on June 9-10 in Prishtina and August 4 in Prizren. The motto of DOKU.TECH  2018 was “One person’s craziness, is another one’s reality.” Reflecting the ability to flip perspectives; being able to leave the comfortable nest of our social habits and routines, common knowledge and “common sense” and to observe the world and others from different and weird angles and perspectives.

To move beyond asking only, “How might we? But also…At what cost and to whom. DOKU.TECH 2018 brought a diverse selection of perspective flippers: people from all over the world whose ability to see things differently, envision new worlds and test that vision against reality enables them to make real changes at the intersections of technology and society, culture, media and economy. DOKU.TECH 2018 also featured a DIY Fair. DIY (Do-it- yourself) Fair displayed the work and hands-on activities of more than 20 organizations.