DOKU.TECH 8.0 Program


  • D = Dare; Determination; Discovery
  • A = Action; Ambition; Authenticity;
  • R = Resilience; Revolution; Resistance
  • E = Equality; Empathy; Effort;

We are very excited to announce Doku.Tech 8th Edition with a unique combined program of: Keynote Speeches, Game Jam 48 Hours Workshop and DIY (Do It Yourself) Challenge.

As with preceding editions of Doku.Tech, the 8th edition is enriched with important thought leaders from the digital infrastructure industry and ecosystem, to share trends, opinions and ideas in the field of tech. From modest social entrepreneurs to people who want to bring down global irresponsible companies, speakers of Doku.Tech will feature the full scope of digital transformation technologies.

DOKU.TECH 2021 theme is: Dare to be…the change!

How can we overcome our fears ? By daring and taking things into our own hands or instead asking others to make decisions on our behalf?

September 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Independence Referendum in Kosovo. In September 1991, 99% of voters, almost 1 million, voted for independence with an 87% turnout of eligible voters. To mark this anniversary, Doku.Tech 2021 aims to incite its audience to remember the power of togetherness in maximising outcomes (hacking realities) and exploring new ways of succeeding and prospering as a community. Consequently, this edition focuses on indegenious people who have accelerated change in the world and their community by taking matters into their own hands. Living out the quote popularized by the computer scientist and Navy Admiral, Grace Hopper. “Always remember that it’s much easier to apologize than to get permission,” she said. “In this world of computers, the best thing to do is to do it.”

  • Speakers Program

Doku.Tech 2021 Edition features 6 international and local speakers, joining the virtual stage of DOKU.TECH every Saturday, for three consecutive weeks, starting from 8:30 PM. This year’s program is broadcasted in RTV Dukagjini and live-streamed in Facebook Page. The first show will air on November 13, the second show on November 20, and the last one on November 27.

The first show, on November 13, the audience will hear the inspiring success story of Rob Flaherty – White House Director of Digital Strategy, who also was the Digital Director for President Biden’s 2020 Campaign. Rob oversaw online fundraising, online communications and social media, and digital advertising across a team of more than 150 people.

The show will continue with Naim Hoxha, a well-known professor in Kosovo. Naim is an academic lecturer for database and project management at Riinvest College. He engaged as an expert of data collecting and analysis with many national and international projects with various institutions and organizations.

The second show, on November 20, will bring two other successful stories of people who dared to be the change. Liviu Babitz, the co-founder of Cyborg Nest, the world’s leading company on selling new senses for humans. Liviu and his team believed that there is more around us than we can perceive with our senses, so they decided to start sensing some of it. In a world dominated by artificial intelligence created to make our phones, cars and homes smarter, they decided to make people smarter as well. By expanding our sensory reach they’ll further unleash our brain potential to think and create in novel ways.

The second speaker on the November 20 show is Hana Zeqa, a driver of change in the Industry of Fashion in Kosovo. She is the founder of Fight or Flight, a slow fashion & fashion technology studio in Prishtina. This studio develops research based fashion technology prototype garments & slow fashion everyday wear, aiming to find practical and sustainable solutions through smart textiles, digital textiles and electronics in garments.

The last show, on November 27, will focus on the food industry and the latest inventions of this industry. The show will start with the success story of Albana Rama, self-made woman who has upended the market for sustainable healthy foods with her start-up “The Rainforest Company”. Bootstrapping it from the beginning in 2016, one of her main objectives has been retaining full control over her business. She has established The Rainforest Company – now in its 5th year- as European market leader of sustainable açaí products.

The show will continue with other innovations from the food industry. The following speakers are Edin Haliti and Sead Haliti from Mudro Bioindustry. Mudro Bioindustry develops solutions to rising global food demand by farming Locusts and producing highly nutritious food for all.

  • GAME JAM 48 Hours Workshop

This year’s edition of GAME JAM 48 hrs Workshop, organized on 5-7th of November, brings together youth of Kosovo at Innovation Training Park in Prizren. This attractive workshop will be hosted by the local gaming community and it invites everyone who is interested in making games – not just playing, but indeed creating and developing games, to join on creating playable prototypes. Bringing together professionals and starters, this 48 hrs workshop will be mentored by game developers and artists, like Leke Sahatqija, Visar Spanca, Alborita Mehana and Artan Minci. We are immensely excited to have back at this year’s edition also international mentors such as Thorsten S. Wiedemann and Franziska Zeiner.

All  interested candidates, age 18-30 years, in creating and developing games can apply in the following link:

This call will remain open until suitable candidates are identified. Participants will get some game development experience, meet other developers, and, ever importantly, have some fun. 

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Challenge

In this year’s edition of Doku.Tech, we will have a special round of Kosovo Makers League Open [KML Open], the largest educational robotics competition for primary schools and other educational institutions in Kosovo, organized by BONEVET Fondation. The platform used for this league is the educational robot mBot (Bluetooth version), which provides a rather simple introduction to the world of robotics. The competition is divided into categories. The aim of the competition is to create a positive and healthy atmosphere, where students compete by solving a “tricky mission” with the help of the robot.

This first round, starting on 15th of November and ending on 30th of November, is classified as a special one, organized with schools from 20 different municipalities of Kosovo. The winners will be announced in the first week of December. The whole competition will culminate with a closing ceremony on December 15.

 Join us at DOKUTECH and help us put Kosovo on the tech-map!