DOKU.TECH 2020: Make It, Break It, Build It, Share It!

Considering that during 2020, we could not meet in person due to the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic, DOKU.TECH 2020 still provided young people in Kosovo an opportunity to connect virtually with global tech and social entrepreneurs to expose them to new and compelling ideas, connected young people in Kosovo with each other around shared ideas and inspiration and supported local communities of young people with shared interests to grow and achieve their goals.

DOKU.TECH 2020 presented alternative views on the consumerist and capitalist society with a focus on the leaders, thinkers, makers, builders who are creating alternatives to mass consumption and planned obsolescence. The concept behind this edition was: Make It, Break It, Build It, Share It, further elaborating on the transforming processes of rebuilding, reusing, reducing and recycling while at the same time tackling problem-solving and meeting the needs of people around the world.

DOKU.TECH 2020’s ONLINE audience was students, tech entrepreneurs, innovators, online activists, social entrepreneurs, marketers, business leaders, artists, bloggers, movie enthusiasts, gamers,  media, DIY makers and students. Through our following, our keynote episodes which were aired on our social media accounts alone accumulated over 70,000 views in total, and with a reach of over 208,352 people.