Tomorrow comes Today: What to expect at the 11th edition of DokuTECH?

DOKUTECH, a one of a kind innovation and tech conference in Kosovo, has launched the dynamic lineup of speakers and events for its eleventh edition, taking place from 01.06 to 02.06. From insightful talks and discussions to hands-on workshops, the conference will unfold the cutting edge of technology and entrepreneurship.

One of the standout events during this year’s edition is the Game Jam, a multi-day marathon of creativity and collaboration where participants will tirelessly develop their game concepts. The first part of this exciting and creative challenge will take place on 31.05, the opening day of DT, starting from 18:0, continuing also on the second (01.06 from 12:00) and third day (02.06 from 10:00) 

Another notable session will be the talk from Mikko Hypponen, the cybersecurity global expert and also one of the 50 most influential people of the world, according to PC World. 

How to keep AI safe and aligned to people’s goals, is one of the key discussion points that Mr Hyppönen will be able to address. This event will be held on Saturday (01.06) from 16:10. Venue is to be announced soon. 

In the realm of design, Olivia Solis will lead a workshop on Gendered Interfaces in the Red Hall on 02.06 from 12:30, shedding light on the importance of inclusive design practices in shaping user experiences. Mrs. Solis is a Lead UX Designer who has been involved in many impactful projects, such as Google Transparency Report.

The conference this year will also explore pressing societal issues, such as New Extractivism, in a master class led by Vladan Joler on the main stage. 

Joler, a professor at New Media Department of the University of Novi Sad will be able to share with the attendees during the last day (Main Stage) valuable insights into the hidden costs of data extraction and its impact on society and the environment. 

Additionally, a meetup with Young European Ambassadors will provide a platform for youth to discuss the future of Europe during the last day of the conference. 

This session will empower young leaders to share their visions and practical actions for a better tomorrow of the region. We welcome all tech enthusiasts from all fields to join us from 01.06 to 02.06 of this year on an exciting ride to digital future worlds and to become active shapers of tomorrow.