Fostering Future AI Leaders: Dokukids at Dokufest Inspires Young Minds in AI and Data Science

IPKO Foundation was overjoyed at the turnout for Dokukids at Dokufest this year. Tens of kids between 11 and 15 gathered at ITP Prizren during Doku.Tech at Dokufest to learn about AI, and the basics of data science and gain hands-on skills with chatbot technology.

Throughout the session, attendees were able to learn about the roles AI already plays in their everyday lives, from gaming to social media, as well as the various industries on which AI currently has and will continue to have influence.  

Upon being asked about their own experiences with AI and their knowledge of AI technology, such as Dall-E, the attendees unsurprisingly had much to say, most having already engaged with AI technology. For those who hadn’t, a DALL-E demonstration was held in real-time, as the students were allowed to give suggestions on what to produce. One attendee even asked the program runners to use it to generate an image of “a furry mammal with chicken feet”, much to the delight of the other attendees as well as the mentors. They were not disappointed with the result.  

Importantly, the young learners were also taught about the potential issues surrounding AI. Subjects such as AI – Creator bias transference, and the ethical and moral questions surrounding its growing influence on every aspect of their lives, were highlighted, with the aim in helping these future leaders understand the importance of ethical and responsible user practices and the need to prioritize fairness, safety and privacy when looking to develop these AI Technologies in the future.  

Lastly, our mentors – consisting of data scientists Dua Zajmi and Alma Fazliu and Machine Learning Engineer Argjenda Topalli – skillfully engaged with and imparted their expertise and wisdom on the young attendees.  They were ultimately able to communicate these complex topics effectively, achieving the goals of the program and making this ever-evolving and present technology a little less daunting.