SAVE THE DATES: DOKU.TECH marks X edition on May 27 – 28, at Palace of Youth

We are delighted to announce the dates of the 10th Jubilee Edition of DOKU.TECH. Mark your calendars for May 27-28, when the Youth Palace (Pallati i Rinisë) will come alive and bring the inspiration of the new era of digitalization. DOKU.TECH is the annual technology festival in Prishtina, that brings together the world’s most brilliant keynote speakers, critical thinkers, technology pioneers, innovators, and entrepreneurs from around the world to explore the latest trends and developments in technology, digital media, and entrepreneurship.

The 10th Jubilee Edition of DOKU.TECH is going to explore the role of digitalization and how, together, we can create our future. Some futurists and systems thinkers believe if you can articulate the future state you’d like the world to be in 30, 40, or 50 years, then you can begin to plan for and work towards creating that future now!

From its start with Dokufest Film Festival in Prizren to now its 10th edition, DOKU.TECH has grown from a niche technology event into a shared event and platform which attracts 1000s of young people from Kosovo and the region.

Over the past 10 years, the festival has achieved great success! From hosting renowned speakers and entrepreneurs to exploring and challenging the social implications of innovative technology and connecting Kosovo with the frontiers of international technological innovation, DOKU.TECH has played a vital role in shaping the future of Kosovo’s tech industry.

Previous editions have focused on artificial intelligence, cyber security, personal digital security and surveillance, open content development, and entrepreneurship trends. Speakers have ranged from homegrown talent who have succeeded both locally and abroad such as Akan Ismaili, Krenar Komoni, and Drena Kursari to futurists with a global platform such as Laurant Haug, Uri Aviv, and Yanki Margalit to those who’ve disrupted the systems in which they work such as David Batstone, Arikia Miliken, Alex Qin and those who shine a light on contemporary tech and culture issues such as Kashmir Hill, Kentaro Toyama, and Dan MacQuillan.

During the next 5 years of DOKU.TECH we will showcase speakers working to build the future state we all aspire to which is open, equal, just, secure, and prosperous.

Focused on the needs and interests of the 1 million Kosovars under 25 years old, the Festival offers inspiration, hands-on experiences, and networking to help them advance in their lives and careers. DOKU.TECH is the premier event for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in these rapidly-evolving fields.

So, block off your calendar for May 27-28, and get ready to join us at the Youth Palace in Prishtina for an unforgettable time!

Stay tuned to find out more about this year’s theme of DOKU.TECH,  and the exciting keynote speakers from around the world!

We can’t wait to see you there!