The story of how DOKU:TECH became the highlight of my summer

From my personal perspective, being part of the IF team means belonging to a community of highly ambitious and enthusiastic hard-workers who are on a relatively young age and who actually are doing great things for their peers and for the Kosovar society in general. Thus, the feeling of belonging as well as the feeling of accomplishment deriving from the great work that has been done, are only two out of a large pool of distinctive positive vibes that a trainee at IPKO Foundation experiences.

Frankly speaking, at the very beginning of my internship period, to some extent I felt lost in time and space because many competences were trusted to me and I had to find the right way in providing the team with the decent outcome. However, now when I reflect back, I realize how much it helped me to increase my self-initiative, creativity and on top of it all, to overcome the hesitation of actually asking questions from other people when is necessary.

During my internship, we were working hard on organizing the very first edition of DOKU:TECH and I was the person behind the Social Media and other written communications released by IPKO Foundation. This conference was a golden ticket for me in applying all my theoretical knowledge obtained from the Marketing and PR courses back at my University in Finland, into a real-life event. Considering the fact that DOKU:TECH was something huge, it required lots of commitment while performing the work and sometimes it had its super tiring aspects. However, the silver lining of it all was that we always knew that we had an evening ahead which we would spend together, enjoy the cozy summer atmosphere and forget for a while about the work. And just like that, all of a sudden, all these people that I never met before having my internship at IF, initially from strangers turned into colleagues and from colleagues into great friends. The IF staff truly showed me how’s it like to have a job in which you actually wake up every single morning and are impatient to go at the office and have the morning coffee with these amazing people who possess a priceless sense of humor as well as inspiring professionalism towards the work and the things they undertake.

So yes dear reader of this blog, if you are looking for a way to spend a super awesome summer, during which you can learn a lot, you can gain valuable experience, you can expand the network of the people you know and on top of it all you can enjoy every single day spent there, I wholeheartedly encourage you to consider applying at IPKO Foundation and then definitely all that I said above will make sense to you. And the last but a very important milestone, if you are having some kind of food diet and are planning to join the team, unfortunately I must say: you better forget about it!

P.S: Just making sure that you won’t complain afterwards by saying that Dea never mentioned it!