DOKUTECH Met A Maze and the Result Was Amazing

In the heart of Revaler Strasse in Berlin, with huge historical and cultural contrasts, graffiti and art all the way, you could still spot the most creative hub, where A Maze audience was gathered. The festival brought together social folks, open-minded individuals, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion or game preferences, from different parts of the planet.

DOKUTECH team had the outstanding opportunity to be part of the A Maze 2016/Videogame Festival which took place on April 20-23, 2016 and consisted of multiple alternative games, playful media and gaming culture in general. The three-day event featured a series of talks, fun indie games, interactive workshops, parties and a lot more, where more than 5,500 visitors came to play, interact, and socialize.

Having in mind that A Maze and DOKUTECH share the same artistic philosophy of using technology for innovative interaction with the audience, get critical and meaningful reflection, discover new real and virtual experiences through tech installations, the partnering occurred naturally. DOKUTECH fans will have the chance to learn more about A Maze festival and try some of the creations from this year’s edition on August 5-6, 2016 in Prizren, as the A Maze team will come to Kosovo to share diverse art and tech creations through talks and workshops.