DOKU.TECH 2019: Digitizing the Human, Humanizing the Digital!

Beyond the physical world of devices more and more of our lives are being influenced and sometimes controlled by the digital. This intertwine raised many questions such as: What do we own? Who owns us? If we pay for something do we own it outright? What else do we agree to give up? This is what inspired the theme for DOKU.TECH 2019: “Digitizing the Human, Humanizing the Digital”. This edition was held in Prishtina on June 8-9. 

The conference explored the challenges and social implications of technological innovations through connectivity, content, masterclasses, and workshops, while inspiring youngsters by sharing knowledge and experiences. The speakers on the main stage have discussed: ownership, autonomy, independence, interconnection, privacy and security.

DOKU.TECH has always been about sustainable development! Our friends from UN Kosovo Team introduced us 2 #SDGs and we promoted innovation for sustainable development together during the DIY Fair.