Renick Bell

Following back from Dokutech’s theme, electronic music is changing our daily lives bringing new ideas at the intersection of technology and society.

In the last couple of years, there has been a documented interest in how live programming translates into the modern clubbing experience. Further pushing the discourse in this direction is nostalgic for the original rave culture, which is acting as a catalyst for initiatives such as the “Algorave” movement.

At the forefront of this ship, computer musician and programmer Renick Bell has taken the helm of demonstrating this effect in a pure programming language, unleashing a raw permuting onslaught of beats, bass, and music byways of a live audio-visual show where he conducted an orchestra of programmed machines that created music elements similar to a classical orchestra, but this translated to code of programming language for us to witness its origin and conclusion.

Live coding allows us to perform with symbols rather than gesture. The ability to use abstraction in performance frees us from the need to gesture but can also allow us to tie complex behaviors to simple gestures. It brings performance much closer to language and therefore all of the advantages that using language gives us.

During this event we learned what transparency is and how we learned the system of producing sound through a computer, that’s the way everything should work, we need to learn different systems and different ways of working with everything. We at Termokiss empower these events aiming to teach people the right to know. Events that link us to the core of something is what makes us believe that only through grassroots change can come and the ability to make something out of it. Including performances and workshop that bring people to a new experience is a very crucial point to understand what’s more for us out there and pointing it out as a milestone from which you’ve started inducing the importance of these events.

Renick Bell Past work

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