DOKU:TECH 2015 Brought the Future Closer

As all great things come to an end, DOKU:TECH closed its two-day marathon with a great success. Filled with excitement and courage, we closed this edition with a great hope that we have accomplished our mission of exploring and challenging the social implications of technological innovations, have encouraged critical thinking among the members of the audience, and have offered a unique setting where all can prosper.

For two days, “Lidhja e Prizrenit” was the home of international business founders, investors and leaders, futuristic individuals, writers, creators, dreamers and doers, who not only shared knowledge, experience and amusing stories with DOKU:TECH audience, but also met other like-minded thinkers. DOKU:TECH offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet such individuals and get their feedback, ideas, and points of view, which were not relevant only to technology enthusiasts but also to individuals with other interests.

During the two days of the conference, 10 talks, 4 workshop discussions and 14 workshops were held, with more than 800 people attending.

The conference was highlighted by media channels in Kosovo and it was covered by newspapers and online portals, such as RTK, Klan Kosova, KTV, Telegrafi, Gazeta Tribuna, Kosovo 2.0, Digjitale, KosovaLive360, etc.

Above all, it was good to see the great impression from our reputable speakers, who are already looking forward to the next edition. Some of such testimonials are portrayed below:

“Doku:tech was a magnet for world-class speakers and curious audience members. The result was an explosion of intellect.” – Arikia Millikan, WIRED expat.

“If I had to choose one event for people, inspiration, innovation and location, It would have been DokuTech in Prizren, Kosovo” – Yanki Margalit

“DokuTech is a breather in a world where conferences start to all look the same. Unlimited energy and imagination, a unique setting, a young and diverse crowd, Dokutech has all the ingredients to become one of Europe’s most inspiring event.” – Laurent Haug

As per tradition, DOKU:TECH ended with an open question for the audience to be answered at DOKU:TECH 2016, asked by the last speaker Esther Dyson:

“What technology development would be most useful for the Balkans. Define useful how you want – economic, political, prosperity, make your life more pleasant?”

We would like to hear your answers which you can post on Twitter with ‪#‎dokutech‬, on Facebook at DOKU:TECH or Instagram.

IPKO Foundation, Share Foundation, and Dokufest are thankful to our wonderful speakers, staff, volunteers, and most importantly to the main supporters of DOKU:TECH for their assistance in making it possible to bring a unique conference in Kosovo.

Until next year, DOKU:TECHnologize, develop, create, and build a better future, for this future will be brought to you at DOKU:TECH 2016!