DOKU:TECH is finally here!

Here we go: After all the preparations, arrangements and tiresome but yet pleasant work that has been done, today DOKU:TECH commenced its 4-day marathon. Lots of excitement, enthusiasm, and joyful atmosphere is in the air of the beautiful city of Prizren.

The event started officially at 16:00 at Andrra-Marash. It opened with some greeting words from the two organizers Kushtrim Xhakli and Vladan Joler. They both expressed solidarity gestures by wearing T-shirts written #FreePeterSunde- the inventor of PirateBay who is now imprisoned in Sweden. It was pretty a vivid and spontaneous opening and it was a great way to break the ice with the audience.

After that, the first speaker to bring his talk on the stage was Lee Bryant. His topic was “Openness is the best defence”. He spoke on the importance of open access for everyone, on the positive aspects of having networks etc.

After Lee, it was Deanna Zandt’s turn to share her experiences with audience. She gave a very vibrant talk where she shared stories from her childhood, teenage years and nowadays life in internet.

The participating Panel at Andrra Stage was focused on discussing regarding Creating and running Hackerspace. The Panelists were from different hackerspaces and makerspaces all over the world. They discussed the importance of hackerspaces, challenges they face and the ways of fulfilling the needs of community.

Last but not least speakers for the day were Bruce Sterling- a Sci-Fi author and Jasmina Tesanovic- an author and activist. They delivered a very attractive speech discussing a variety of social issues followed by some interesting picture and animations. On top of it all, Jasmina gave a performance of a war song she hacked earlier.

Having witnessed the interest and participation we are delighted in making the remaining days as cool as the one we are leaving behind.

DOKU:TECH is everyone’s niche!