The month of August in Kosovo is known as the month of culture and youth. August marks the start of the two most anticipated events in Kosovo. DOKUFEST the biggest Documentary and Short Film Festival, and DOKU.TECH the biggest tech conference in Kosovo.

Each year, DOKU.TECH challenges the social implications of technological innovations through connectivity, content, openness, and security. The latest edition held on August 9th at Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren complemented perfectly the goal of DOKU.TECH with this year’s theme of “Digitizing the Human, Humanizing the Digital”.

The sixth edition of DOKU.TECH brought to its mother festival DOKUFEST a diverse selection of speakers; people from all over the world who are making real changes at the intersections of technology and society, culture, media, and economy. All because of their ability to see things differently!

The program featured a variety of speakers coming from different parts of the world including innovators and change-makers from Israel, Germany, and beyond. Our speakers; Justyna Zubricka, Agam Rafaeli and Wladimir Nikoluk were the perfect combo to treat this year’s puzzling theme, “Digitizing the Human, Humanizing the Digital”. The topics differed from revolutionization of toys, using data to better ourselves, governance through technology, online learning as means to break political barriers and much more. 

What enriched DOKU.TECH’s program this year was the D.I.Y. fair where the participants had the chance to do hands-on activities, play games, experience virtual reality, remote-control robots, and how technology & innovation can come to the aid of our environment. Such activities reminded us of the importance of technological advancement and how you can have fun through it all. The DIY Fair would not be what it is today without the help of: Bonevet Prishtina/Gjakova, J Coders Academy, Per Ty, Eco Bags, Celonis, Creotive, PBC Academy and UNFPA Kosova.

Thank you for coming. Until the next edition, stay curious…

Here’s to our sponsors and partners, to whom we send special thanks:

Kordinatori Nacional per Kulture Rini dhe Sport, Ministria e Zhvillimit Ekonomik, Komuna e Prishtinës, U.S. Embassy Pristina, Kosovo, USAID Kosovo, Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina, Fondacioni “Unë e du Kosovën”, Dokufest, SHARE Foundation, Termokiss, A MAZE., BONEVET Prishtina, Artmotion, UN Kosovo Team, UN Volunteers, UN Women Kosovo, UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, Unicef Kosovo Programme, green & protein, Domino’s Pizza Kosovo, Tai Sweets, Birra Peja, AZTECH electronics, Open Labs Hackerspace, Qendra per Zhvillimin e Artit – Q’art, Anibar, FLOSSK Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova, Cacttus Sha, Shkolla Digjitale, Akademia jCoders, KosLift, University for Business and Technology [UBT], Kolegji Riinvest – Riinvest College, Albanian University UFO,, PEN – Peer Educators Network, Prishtina Hackerspace ICT Academy, Gracanica Innovation Center, Per Ty, Eco Bags, Celonis, Creotive, PBC Academy and UNFPA Kosova.