Another awesome day at DOKU:TECH

Considering the fact that the topic for discussion was Security, super interesting talks and debates took place at the conference. We had several thrilling speakers who shared their stories and examples with the audience and motivated them to dig deeper on the reality they live in.

Jeta Xharra powerfully opened the talking session of DOKU:TECH with her story on Investigative Journalism. She explained how she started her TV Show “Jeta ne Kosove” and how she made it to She also screened a movie on Kosovo and the uncontrolled coal problems that the country is dealing with.

After Jeta, Dan McQuillan took over the stage to talk on the topic of Algorithmic Discrimination versus Citizen Science. He presented for the audience several platforms that are being used nowadays and mentioned the fact that a considerable amount of them derive from Social Innovation Camps.

In between the talks, it was time for the Panel discussion. They spoke on the topic: Under Meta Data Surveillance. The panel consisted of Dan McQuillan, Flutura Kusari, Arianit Dobroshi, Stephen Urbach, and it was moderated by Vladan Joler. The panelists were convinced that we have to be well informed to understand all the algorithms and data behind in order to be able to protect our presence online.

Stephan Urbach was the next speaker who delivered a very interesting presentation on Spying and intelligence services – from the pope to the NSA. He said “From pope spying on mongoles until today, we’re getting through different ideological wars and social movements which were questioning power”. His presentation was followed by an exciting session with questions and answers.

And last but not least was Kevin Connor. He had a very interactive presentation in which he involved the audience while talking about Turning the tables on Big Brother: Power networks, transparency, and modern-day muckraking. He mentioned lots of examples when they relieved ‘secrets’ and other affairs on which politicians were involved.

We are very much excited to go ahead with the third day and see what the participants are going to share with us!