Pavan Turaga brings to DOKU.TECH trends in Generative AI

The latest trends in Generative AI were presented at DOKU.TECH to DOKUFEST by our Keynote Speaker, Pavan Turaga – Professor and Director in the School of Arts, Media, and Engineering and the School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at Arizona State University.

Professor Turaga’s presentation on the trends in AI, basic machine learning’s new direction, and AI’s overall transformative potential provided our audience with a unique perspective on AI‘s current abilities, its future trajectory, and the role it is likely to play in the art world moving forward.

Turaga, who has done extensive research on machine learning techniques for time series, images, and video, first treated our audience to a detailed presentation on the various issues AI has when attempting depth estimation and animation rerendering. Turaga then went on to showcase the many issues with AI image transferring, showcasing how AI’s shapes-to-color processing pipeline is well developed, but its geometry processing pipeline leaves a lot to be desired. They ended with a demonstration of AI morphing technology, admittedly inspired by Michal Jacksons’ “Black or White” music video, to underline the abilities of AI to make interpolations in complex spaces while also showcasing its lack of creative imagination – a human-based skill that it has yet to capture.

This demonstration, along with Turaga’s technical explanations and overall expertise, aimed to show how AI is vastly capable but limited in the art and images it creates. As concerns around AI’s potential for replacing art and art creators continue to grow, Turaga’s demonstration skillfully explained how and why this should not be a concern and effectively brought to question AI’s future potential impact on the creative industry overall.

IPKO Foundation thanks Professor Turaga for his time and expertise, and we look forward to working with him again in the future!