Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Omdena Inc.

Rudrabed Mitra

Rudradeb is Founder and CEO of Omdena. A bottom-up global collaborative platform for building impactful AI solutions. Omdena has executed 165+ projects with impact organizations from 40+ countries involving 5000+ AI Engineers and Data scientists from 100+ countries. Omdena has 65+ local chapters across 5 continents. For his work in Omdena, he has been named ‘top 10 inspiring CEOs in 2020’ by Analytics Insight.

Rudradeb has been an Invited speaker (including at Facebook, Intel, Google, Philips, Accenture, UN, Swedbank, etc) in 100+ in-person events from 30+ countries. He wrote a book on ‘Creating Value with AI’ and has been a mentor of Google for Startups, Seedstars, Univ. of Southern California, Founders Institute, and StartupWiseGuys.

He best describes himself as spiritual, free-spirited, and tries to live life stress-free.