Director of Business Development at NIRAS International Consulting

Maja Bosnic

Maja Bosnic is an economist who is at the forefront of new thinking around public finance. New thinking that is bringing the issues of gender equality, climate change right in the arena of budget decision-making. She will talk about breaking traditional ways of doing one of the most rigid and technocratic thing- preparing public budget.
Maja is public finance expert. Her main area of work, advocacy and interest is in incorporating gender equality into complex rules and systems that govern public revenues and expenditures. Her main finding is that when we take gender equality into account, we not only get closer to gender equality, but we also make budgets better: more transparent, more equitable and more effective.
After working with this concept in her home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina with UN Women, Bosnic now works with countries around the world to help governments make their budgets more equitable.
Bosnic was team leader of one of the largest global projects on gender budgeting funded by the Swedish government and implemented in Ukraine (2014-2021). For years, she has worked with the International Monetary Fund at its training centers around the world, with the World Bank in Indonesia, Morocco with UN Women and with the Parliament in Zambia to ensure that gender is mainstreamed in financial decisions at all levels. She leads the governance sector team at Niras International Consulting, working with different clients to contribute to sustainable change.