DOKU:TECH brings technology to Dokufest

Technology, internet and innovation will land at Dokufest this year. Today, IPKO Foundation in partnership with Share Foundation and Dokufest have revealed details regarding DOKU:TECH, an event dedicated to technology and internet which will be held during International Film Festival- Dokufest. The 4-day-camp will take place in the scenery city of Prizren.

DOKU:TECH explores and challenges the social implications of technological innovations through connection, content, transparency and security. The event will bring together reputable speakers, observers, explorers and builders from around the world to talk about open knowledge, digital security, privacy, social entrepreneurship and business. DOKU:TECH will be a golden ticket for the participants to whom the opportunity of listening and challenging the speakers during events as well as the participation in lively discussions will be given.

The press conference was attended by Veton Nurkollari- Artistic Director of Dokufest and Abetare Gojani- Program Manager at IPKO Foundation.

Abetare Gojani provided participants of the conference with some details concerning DOKU:TECH. “Important people in their respective fields are invited to speak about digital security, surveillance and privacy, open source, data and open knowledge, social entrepreneurship, business and other related topics. Activists, hackers, media theorists, entrepreneurs and journalists from around the world will explore ideas and concepts on how to use technology to empower our everyday social difficulties. The already confirmed speakers of DOKU:TECH are: Bruce Sterling, Lynn Fine, Stephan Urbach, Akan Ismaili, Jasmina Tesanovic, Lee Bryant, Michelle Thorne, Thorsten S. Wiedeman, Vladan Joler Kushtrim Xhakli and Bilal Ghalib, whereas the rest of the speakers will be disclosed soon.” said Gojani

On the other hand, Veton Nurkollari expressed his felicity that an initiative of this kind will be taking place in Dokufest 2014. “DOKU:TECH is an interesting stream on how the parallel programs are being developed at Dokufest and it has been a very natural initiative that the new technologies will be discussed and will take place on a movie festival. Most of what will be discussed at the conference in one way or another will be related on how the filmmakers use technology today. We hope that this initiative will be traditional and will continue to further develop in the upcoming years.” said Nurkollari

DOCU:TECH will be an ideal place for learning. During the workshops that will be organized in four days, participants will be provided with the opportunity to learn new skills, to protect themselves in the digital environment, to learn how to create personal blogs, how to establish their company or even how to produce beer.

Participation in DOKU:TECH will be free of charge, so if this is something you are interested in, you are more than welcomed to come and join us! To know more about the project, have a look here. See you in Prizren!