DOKU.TECH 2022 | My Face is not a Barcode!

The premiant event for technology in the Balkans is back in 10 to 12 of JUNE 2022 with the theme “My face is not a Barcode” which will explore opportunities and threats of Artificial Intelligence and Data.

At this edition of DOKU.TECH, we will explore some of the opportunities and risks associated with AI such as:

  • The potential and pitfalls in large scale data collection – protection, use, exclusion
  • The promise and downsides of automation through AI
  • Names, Faces, Places – our right to and government’s responsibility to protect privacy
  • Deepfakes & manipulation, identity theft, online extortion
  • Algorithms supported decision making and algorithmic bias
  • Narrowing and widening socio-economic inequality
  • The impact of AI on our everyday lives – education, climate & environment, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, criminal justice, etc.
  • Deep learning

Join us on 10 to 12 JUNE, 2022 at Termokiss.

Register Now: LINK