A quick snap of my experience as part of DOKU:TECH 2015 team

This year I had the opportunity to be part of the IF team for three whole months. It was my first internship ever, so you can say that I was kind of a virgin. I was part of a team who devote even their free time to the projects at hand and are always giving their best which is awesome, especially for my first time.

They are a great, fun and hard-working team and I really had fun with them, despite the yelling sometimes for something I didn’t do or probably did it wrong because nobody gave me the right instructions. Okay fine, sometimes I didn’t pay that much attention but hey, c’est la vie.

Anyway, the main reason why I’m writing this blog is to talk about my experience at DOKU:TECH. I was the social media guy, and for three months I got to know the speakers, only through their articles, presentations, biographies etc. And when I finally got to meet them in person, it was one of the best feelings in the world. I have to thank each person of the IF team for giving me this feeling. Thank you!

During the days of the conference we were all in stress and nervous, but each of us stood strong and we continued to do our job. We managed to fill all the holes and make it even better than the first edition. I learned quite a few things, especially managing time, co-operating and playing UNO (in our defense we had to relieve the stress somehow during the free time, if there was any). One last thing about my experience during this internship and especially during DOKU:TECH is that I loved every single moment of it and will never regret it.

To you who is reading this blog, my name is Endrit Toplica and my advice to you is if you see IPKO Foundation searching for interns, don’t think, just apply cause they’ll give you experience, knowledge, a great time, a few yellings and awesome memories.