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Kashmir Hill

Kashmir Hill is a senior reporter for the Special Projects Desk at Gizmodo. She produces investigative work about Internet privacy, technology, and cyber security. Kashmir was previously an editor of Fusion’s technology vertical Real Future. Kashmir started her career as a paralegal ​ for Covington & Burling ​. After serving the position for almost two years, she became a project manager for the National Press Foundation ​ in Washington, D.C. ​ This led her to a position as an interim reporter for The Washington Examiner ​. After two months of experience as a reporter, her career transitioned to journalism, serving multiple positions at Forbes, International Herald Tribune, Above the Law, and Fusion. ​She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Duke University ​in 2003. Later, in 2010, she obtained a Master’s degree in Journalism ​ from New York University. Since April 2017, she has been writing and reporting on technology and privacy issues for Gizmodo.