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DOKU.TECH 2020 | Make It, Break It, Build It, Share It

DOKU.TECH is an annual event bringing together individuals and tech talents with top-tier international future makers, executives, and thinkers. This conference explores and challenges the social implications of technological innovations through connectivity, content, masterclasses, workshops, and openness while inspiring youngsters by sharing knowledge and experiences.

It seems that everywhere we turn we are being warned that we are on the brink of a catastrophe. Income inequality, mass migration, climate change, population growth, food insecurity - the list never ends.

In the 20th century, countries around the world tried to industrialize their way out of these challenges. In the 21st century they are trying to innovate their way out. Although progress is made with each generation, new challenges emerge as a check against the perfectibility of humanity.


DOKU.TECH 2020 is bringing you a diverse selection of speakers: people from all over the world whose ability to see things differently, envision new worlds and test that vision against reality enables them to make real changes at the intersections of technology and society, culture, media and economy.

and Diy Fair

In our event it's always exciting to learn new things. We do like inspiring talks, but we like even more that people at our event really learn some practical skills. DIY (Do-it- yourself) Fair will display the work and hands-on activities of more than 20 organizations.

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